Zuki and her hummingbird, Pico, travel to a mysterious island. The gods have tasked the island-dwellers to collect the golden idols from the temples and sacrifice them for their amusement. On Zuki's arrival, the island-dwellers capture and try to cook her, but instead, the wise island chief decides to send Zuki on this difficult endeavor. Of course, those temples have plenty of traps, poisoned spikes, falling blocks and long-forgotten ghosts. From here, the adventure begins...


Zuki's Quest is a mobile, turn-based puzzle platformer. You solve puzzles by changing the gravity and moving Zuki through the levels. Every move can have multiple consequences and it's always good to think about where to jump next. With a limited number of moves per level and plenty of mind-bending challenges, Zuki's Quest is great game for puzzle lovers!

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+ Innovative mechanic to solve puzzles
+ Simple swipe controls
+ Physics-based gameplay
+ Beautiful Game Art
+ 72 challenging Levels
+ Game-Center Achievements

Download the Press-Kit with Headline-Graphics, Screenshots and Logos here: Download Presskit


based in Berlin, Germany

Founding Date

August 2012









Wiebke and Arnold both finished their Diploma in Communication Design at the University of Applied Science in Duesseldorf. Wiebke works as an Illustrator at a local Animation-Studio and Arnold as a Designer at a Casual-Games Company.

With the desire to create their own Projects they Teamed up, to form Tinytouchtales in August 2012. Under the simple premise of creating Games and interactive Stories for Touchscreens they have created three iOS Games so far. In addition to several Prototypes and mini Games for various Game making contest, they created Super Zombie Tennis, a casual Survival Shooter, Muffin Munch a Kids oriented Matching-Game and Matchagon a minimalistic Puzzle Game.
Their latest release is an interactive Childrens-Book Karins colorful Moonstory, which features a self written story, beautiful Illustrations, small Animations and Games that are deeply integrated into the narrative.

Right now their office is located in their living room. Working on several Projects only in spare time can be exhausting, therefore they plan to become Fulltime-Indies at the beginning of 2014.